Lee Talks. Part Three: Time for the Conversation?

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At times, we feel ill equipped to enter someone else’s spiritual journey. Even though it’s a person we have prayed for, it can be daunting. Will I say the right thing? Will I be able to answer the deeper questions? Or…I know it’s time, but how do I even start the conversation? If you have those concerns, you are not alone. And Lee gives some great insight to prepare us for that God moment.


In the third part of Lee’s video series, he shares practical ways to talk to others about our faith. If you have participated in The Case for Christ movie outreach program, having a conversation about the film with your skeptic, seeker or wavering believer is a logical and necessary next step. The gospel has been clearly presented. Compelling evidence to validate Christ’s claims has been offered. Now the question can be asked, “What did you think about the movie?”


Then you listen. You pray. And trust God to guide you.   I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the increase. ~ 1 Corinthians 3:6


We don’t know where someone is on the path to faith, but God does. We might be the seed planter. We might bring the water. We might be the one to see the increase. Whatever our role, we must commit to continuing the relationship by offering support, encouragement and opportunity.


Please take time today to watch this video. Not only will it equip you, it will give you the confidence to have the conversation.


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