What is “Electronic Screen Syndrome”?

    There’s anticipation in the air as many families prepare for a long summer break. This is a time when vacations are prearranged and special events are scheduled. But what about those ordinary, lazy days of summer?   If your kids are spending time at home this summer, it is a good idea to … Continued

Together, We Can Turn The Tide

Two years ago, we released a Christian leader’s guide that addressed the media’s harmful influence on children and families, while offering solutions to counter its detrimental effects. In the time since the guide’s release, more studies have been published that further demonstrate the powerful impact media has on impressionable minds. Because of this, we are … Continued

Lee Talks, Part Four: From Conversation to Salvation

Though this is the last post in our four-part “Lee Talks” series, it’s certainly not the least. In fact, the first three accompanying videos by Lee lead us here: to that transformative, life-changing moment when the gospel is believed and Christ is received.   If you haven’t had a chance to watch the previous videos, … Continued