Together, We Can Turn The Tide

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Two years ago, we released a Christian leader’s guide that addressed the media’s harmful influence on children and families, while offering solutions to counter its detrimental effects. In the time since the guide’s release, more studies have been published that further demonstrate the powerful impact media has on impressionable minds. Because of this, we are in the process of compiling new material for an updated guide in order to equip pastors and leaders with the latest information. Without this knowledge, we risk being out of step and out of touch with an entire generation we hope to reach.


Here are just a few highlights from the original report:


According to a six-year study by Dartmouth College that analyzed almost 700 of the top-grossing films released between 1998-2004, “More than a third of G-rated movies were found to contain “sexual content” compared to more than half of PG films and four in five R-rated movies.”


In 2008, the RAND Corporation published the first definitive study that establishes “a link between teenagers’ exposure to sexual content on TV and either pregnancies among girls or responsibility for pregnancies among boys.”


In 2011, the results of a study are published in the November issue of Pediatrics establishing a direct link between media profanity and youth aggression and swearing.


And that’s not all. Study after study sounds the alarm of the harmful effects of certain media messages on the young consumer.


Though the task is daunting, I firmly believe that we can turn the tide by working together toward a common vision of influencing the culture for Christ. I say that because of the committed and dedicated individuals I have had the honor of working with since starting the Pure Flix Global Strategic Alliance. From local church leaders to heads of denominations, men and women are engaged in their communities, committed to bring a message of life and hope.


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