Parenthood? It’s Complicated!

If someone asked you if parenting was more difficult today than in the past, how would you respond? Well, our friends at the Barna Research Group posed that question, along with others, to over 1,000 US parents, and their answers provide a glimpse into the challenges parents face.   If you had the initial thought … Continued

Dear Dad, It’s Not Too Late!

An interesting history surrounds the establishment of Father’s Day as a national holiday. Though it sounds like a logical “next step” after officially recognizing Mother’s Day, the actual circumstance is quite different, involving one man’s daughter with tenacity and determination. Her name was Sonora Smart Dodd.   Sonora’s father, a Civil War soldier, was tasked … Continued

Make Your Best Choice Today (and Tomorrow)

If you’re like most people, you finish the day with brain fatigue. And there’s a good reason why. According to multiple studies, by the time you fall asleep, you will have made approximately 35,000 decisions, from choosing what to eat to the right words to say to the quickest route home. And that’s just on … Continued