Parenthood? It’s Complicated!

brother and sister with touch pad at home

If someone asked you if parenting was more difficult today than in the past, how would you respond? Well, our friends at the Barna Research Group posed that question, along with others, to over 1,000 US parents, and their answers provide a glimpse into the challenges parents face.


If you had the initial thought that parenting today is more difficult, you are in good company. A resounding 78%, or almost eight in ten parents, agree that raising kids today is more complicated than in their parents’ generation. And you would probably also guess the primary reason cited by the survey respondents: technology. It has altered how we communicate, how we work, and how we live.


“We are changing the world with technology.” Bill Gates


As well as grappling with the same stresses of parents in the past, there are additional ones that moms and dads face with the wide availability and easy accessibility of wireless devices. And this connectedness is uncharted territory for the family. Today’s generation of parents were raised during the Digital Revolution, an unprecedented advancement that presents the following dilemma: Not only must digital content be monitored; the time allowed must be monitored, as well as any potential negative effects. Though eliminating technology entirely might be tempting, today’s young people must possess digital literacy along with traditional literacy (reading and writing) to excel in nearly any career.


Thankfully, there are groups that share the concern of technology’s proper usage and offer resources to assist parents in raising healthy families. Pure Flix is one of those organizations, and we strive to support today’s parents by offering an online streaming subscription platform,, to provide a family-friendly, digitally delivered entertainment option. In addition, many family advocacy groups and professional associations are presenting guidelines for parents to deal with a rapidly changing, digital landscape.


One essential resource I have found is the newly released book, The Tech-Wise Family: Everyday Steps for Putting Technology in Its Proper Place by Andy Crouch. It’s filled with cultural insight and current research to help moms and dads raise kids with discernment in this connected world. For more information on the book, which is based on the latest research, visit


Also, if you have any suggestions and tips you’d like to share on how your family is handling the challenge presented by today’s technology, let us know! We’d love to hear from you.


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