Are You Part of This Trend?

Media Driven Family

While digital media has created a new landscape with more opportunity and a broader community, it has also fueled an increasingly insatiable media appetite. Below are some interesting statistics that I believe prove this statement. And as you read, it might be interesting to estimate your time (and your family’s time) spent on digital devices to see if you’re part of this viewing trend.


In 2013, eMarketer reported that digital media (online, mobile and nonmobile connected devices plus video streaming services) surpassed traditional media and television viewing for the first time. The combination of digital technology and wireless devices enables media consumers to “multi-task”; for example, watch television while simultaneously operating a mobile device, concurrently increasing the hours of personal media consumption.


Since that report, more recent data shows that media consumption continues to increase. In the latest 2017 eMarketer report on American media consumption, it states that the average US adult over 18 years of age consumes media for 12 hours and 7 minute each day.


When I first read that statistic, I was wondering how that could be accurate. It seemed excessive, providing very limited time for anyone or anything else.


However, when you consider the time spent on computers at work, the amount of time spent checking and responding to emails outside of work, the various social platforms used regularly, visits to the latest breaking news sites and other favorite websites, and the many entertainment viewing options, it’s obvious that those hours add up quickly. And since they can occur concurrently, suddenly, 12 hours of media consumption doesn’t seem unrealistic for many of us.


This multi-tasking, media obsession is not exclusive to adults, either. Consider these statistics compiled by The 2015 MOVIEGUIDE Report to the Entertainment Industry:


From newborn to age twelve, the average American child will consume 42,009 hours of mass media; by the time the child is seventeen, he or she will have accumulated an additional 22,914 media hours.


In other words…


By the age of seventeen, the average American will consume 64,923 hours of media.

In the next few posts, we will look at the impact of media consumption on different age groups, including the advantages and disadvantages. So keep reading; this is information you will want to know and, hopefully, pass along.


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