When Does a Dream Make a Difference?

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In advance of our next major movie release, Same Kind of Different as Me, I have been thinking a lot lately about the power of a dream, which was the catalyst for this inspirational true story. And though I have studied this subject in the past, I have three takeaways to share from the film that might get you to think, along with me, beyond the 24-hour window we often live. Here we go:


Dreams aren’t just for kids.

They’re the stuff that drives us forward against all odds, keeping us focused during turmoil and bringing us back to our feet when life knocks us down. Without a dream, it’s easy to retreat to complacency, content with memories of “the good old days”.

Dreams encourage action.

In order to fulfill the dream in our hearts, we have to respond to it. A truly God-given dream will not go away until we do something to make it happen. It might diminish over time, but its embers will still flicker.

Dreams are not dependent on circumstances.

If we wait for the perfect time to act on a dream then it will never happen. In fact, moving toward the dream might just be the very thing that will change our current situation, giving us greater clarity and a grander purpose beyond ourselves.


Throughout history, dreams have compelled men and women to act with boldness and bravery for what is right, just and true. Think of those who took a small step towards a better future because of a dream, and changed lives for the better, even though it required personal sacrifice.


So I began this blog with a title that asked the question, “When does a dream make a difference?” My answer is this: A dream makes a difference when it fulfills the dreams of others.


Now, what’s yours?


As you are thinking about it, enjoy this trailer from our latest release.


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