Is It Time to Think About a Movie Outreach Event?

I had a great discussion recently regarding the effectiveness of using a night at the movies as an outreach strategy. As a follow-up, I compiled a short list stating why this is a proven and effective way to engage the community and experience ministry growth. If you have been considering this approach, here are my … Continued

Not Just Another Superhero!

If you follow audience-viewing trends at all, you probably know the popularity of live-action superhero films. In fact, 2017 was a banner year with the release of six movies of this genre. From Wonder Woman to Thor, Spiderman to Logan, they just kept hitting theaters. And instead of audience fatigue, viewers flocked to see them, … Continued

What does it take to finish strong?

We often hear about the importance of getting off to a strong start. This is true whether it’s a competition, a project, a position, a relationship, or even a New Year. Yet life isn’t just about how we start, it’s also about how we finish. And our next film vividly illustrates this point as we … Continued

What’s Your One Word?

  For many of us, we didn’t just say good-bye to 2017; we reflected on the events of the year as it ended. We revisited the high points and evaluated the low points. We looked at how we could have done things differently, learning from the things we did wrong and the things we did … Continued