What does it take to finish strong?

We often hear about the importance of getting off to a strong start. This is true whether it’s a competition, a project, a position, a relationship, or even a New Year. Yet life isn’t just about how we start, it’s also about how we finish. And our next film vividly illustrates this point as we bring to the big screen the life of one of the Bible’s most notable and colorful characters: Samson.


If you know the story of Samson, you know the many ways he failed to fulfill the call God had on his life. Chosen by God before birth to be a deliverer of His people, Samson was blessed by the Lord as he grew from a child to a man. Once he was ready, the Holy Spirit endued Samson with supernatural strength to defeat the Philistines, who had ruled over the children of Israel for forty years.


Though he knew his strength was from God, Samson had a weakness that would open the door for the enemy to ensnare him. Instead of being the victor, he became a captive. Instead of possessing supernatural strength, he was frail and weak. Instead of sight, he was blind. Tragedy upon tragedy and failure upon failure marked moments of his life. In the end, it seemed that all he had was lost.


It even seemed like God had left him.


If you’ve walked with God any length of time, you know that it’s not over until God says it’s over. You know that light can invade even the darkest places. And you know that God can turn what was meant for evil for good.


In Samson’s last moments, a hope arises once again. He cries out to the Lord, knowing he is undeserving but also knowing that God would hear. And in the end, he finishes strong, destroying the Philistines and finally accomplishing the purpose for which he had been born.

The Book of Judges, where we read about Samson’s life, moves on to talk about those who followed him. Yet the Bible does not stay silent on the subject. In Hebrews 11, we encounter Samson again, and this time he is listed along with others in the “Hall of Faith”.


So what does it take to finish strong? It takes faith in God. And faith in knowing that it’s never too late for God’s purposes to be fulfilled through his people.


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