Is It Time to Think About a Movie Outreach Event?

I had a great discussion recently regarding the effectiveness of using a night at the movies as an outreach strategy. As a follow-up, I compiled a short list stating why this is a proven and effective way to engage the community and experience ministry growth. If you have been considering this approach, here are my Top Ten reasons why you should partner with Pure Flix Entertainment and host a night at the movies:


  1. Going to the movies remains a popular pastime. The continued popularity of a night at the movies makes it easy for your ministry supporters or congregants to invite their friends, family and neighbors to attend your movie outreach event.


  1. Pure Flix films bring a message of hope, encouraging the Body of Christ. Our vision is to influence the global culture for Christ through media. Join us in this effort by attending our faith-based films, and be entertained in the process.


  1. Going to the movies is a great way to share a faith message with your friends, family and neighbors, starting a conversation that will bridge them to your church and ministry.


  1. The theater auditorium typically costs nothing to rent for a theater buyout, making it an economical outreach effort.


  1. Food and drink is available, offering a variety of items that should appeal to your guests.


  1. Pure Flix negotiates group rates as low as $8. We work with major theater chains to bring you the best price possible.


  1. The event does not cost the church or ministry since the congregants buy their own tickets. Even though we help you coordinate the details, the actual tickets are purchased by your participants.


  1. Pure Flix creates all the marketing assets for you to market the event at no cost to your church or ministry.


  1. Pure Flix creates a church kit that includes sermon notes, small group studies, discussion guides and materials supported by movie clips, at no additional cost to you.


  1. Pure Flix manages all the details with the theaters for your event from start to finish. We want your event to be a success so that this becomes an experience you will want to repeat!


With two films soon to be in theaters, I hope this Top Ten list will give you the confidence to partner with us. If you have any questions, please reach out. We are here to help!


Franklin Santagate is the Vice President of Pure Flix Global Strategic Alliances, which works with denominations, ministries, and organizations by finding common vision, assets, resources and influence. From that position, we create initiatives we can do together that we cannot do apart, reaching our mutual objectives and expanding the Kingdom of God. To discover more or to become a Pure Flix Global Strategic Alliance partner go to


To contact Franklin for speaking opportunities at churches and special events, email him directly at