When It’s Hard to Come Home

June is PTSD Awareness Month. Read to learn more.   It was a special Fourth of July celebration, and a group of us (my wife is a member of the Blue Star Moms) were invited to attend a major league baseball game and enjoy the fireworks that would follow. As the game concluded and the … Continued

Five Ways to Celebrate the Fourth!

Is it Time for New Traditions?   Independence Day is less than two weeks away, so it’s not too soon to start making plans! Keep reading for ideas, suggestions, and why it’s important to make this day special.   Our lives are marked by days of celebration and remembrance, each one writing another page in … Continued

But I WANT it!

Concerned that marketers are targeting your kids, and not sure how to approach this important issue? Keep reading!   First, I must lead with full disclosure: I have been a marketing professional my entire adult life. The degree at the time was called Visual Communications. Artistic ability was essential since client work was often drawn … Continued

Is it time for THAT talk? Here’s some tips.

Online search results are in! The first few didn’t surprise us but three of the top 10 did, as they are explicit in nature. How do we start very important conversations with our children about this? Read more to learn.   One way to analyze cultural trends is by finding out what people are searching … Continued