This American Classic Gets a Modern Twist

There are certain things that stand the test of time. Maybe it’s a painting that continues to draw admirers hundreds of years after the artist’s first strokes. Or a vintage car that attracts crowds when it’s on display. Perhaps it’s one of those old, black and white movies that remains popular despite the lack of tech effects.


It might also be a novel that continues to be read long after its first publication.


In each one of these examples, we see a “classic” in the true sense of the word. And the common denominator for each one is endurance. After all, no painter, designer, filmmaker or novelist knew they had a classic in the making. Each one just did their best, leaving it to the following generations to decide if their contribution would last or be lost over time.


Some “classics” are so enduring that they demand a retelling, a modern take for a new generation. And that is certainly the case for our next film release, Little Women.


Authored by Louisa May Alcott 150 years ago, Little Women is the quintessential American classic. For each succeeding generation that followed its publication, this “coming-of-age story” has remained popular. With that in mind, we thought we would ask a few members of our Pure Flix staff to weigh in on our latest project.


Question: Did you see the original Little Women film?

If so, can you explain your excitement for this new release?


“Yes, I read the book and saw the 1933 and 1994 versions. I loved the idea of the modern spin on the classic story when I first heard about the project. I’m a fan of movies based on classic tales but set in modern time.”


Question: If you’ve already seen the movie, what Character do you most relate to and why?


“I relate to Jo. She is a go-getter and a visionary. She also wants to “do all the things”; I am the same way. I love having a bunch of projects going on. I also have a secret passion to be a writer. I love it and so does Jo”.


Question: If you are a mother, why would you want to take your daughter to a movie like Little Women?


“I’m not a mother, but I have many younger girls in my sphere of influence. I would take them to see the movie because it highlights the bond of a family and sisters/siblings. Our culture is constantly attacking the traditional/biblical family unit. It’s important for the younger generation to understand that family is something to be valued and protected.”


Question: Can a movie really bring hope to your daily life?


“I think this movie can inspire young girls and older to remember to have hope in their dreams. The girls are able to keep their positivity afloat from the support of their loving family. In this film, I am reminded of how important it is to have a family and friend group that can support me in my trials.”


If you are a fan of the classic novel or one of the film adaptations, I hope you’ll make plans for a special night out with your sisters, daughters and/or friends to see Little Women when it arrives in theaters this September. And if you haven’t read the book yet, I encourage you to take time this summer to read it!


You’ll soon see why it is an American classic.


Curious to see how Little Women will look in a modern setting? Here’s the trailer!

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