Technology Makes a Big World Smaller

Last night I answered the phone to speak with my grandson. It’s a Sunday night treat, and we talked about all those things that interest a four-year old. What’s special about this connection is that I not only heard his voice, I saw his face. And he saw mine.   This is the power of … Continued

Engage Your Tech to Touch the World

  Do you want to reach the world? This isn’t a question only for the young. Nor is it a prompt for a high school essay or the theme of a commencement address. Instead, if you are a believer, reaching the world is not just a feel-good idea; it’s a major focus of your faith. … Continued

Three Ways to Get Control of Your Tech

  Everything we steward in life requires good management. Just think about it a moment. We manage our time, our finances, our relationships, our work responsibilities, etc. If you would look at your life right now, it would be difficult to find an area that didn’t require a certain degree of management.   Without it, … Continued