Engage Your Tech to Touch the World


Do you want to reach the world? This isn’t a question only for the young. Nor is it a prompt for a high school essay or the theme of a commencement address. Instead, if you are a believer, reaching the world is not just a feel-good idea; it’s a major focus of your faith. Here are Jesus’ words:


“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you,

and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria,

and to the end of the earth.”

Acts 1:8 (ESV)


Many Christians have a desire for missions, but are unable to travel the world due to any number of circumstances: financial, professional, relational, etc. However, with today’s technology, we have the ability to reach others beyond our borders.


Here’s how.


The smartphone in your hand (or your favorite digital device) is a portal that creates global connections. Though it has no character in itself, it reflects your character in how you use it. What sites do you visit? What images do you see? What information do you ingest?


What do you share?


Statistics consistently show us that media usage is a battle for many. Whether it is fueling an addiction, interfering with personal connections or distracting us from more important life experiences, tech is an area of our lives that requires discipline and purpose, just like every other activity.


So let’s begin looking at those powerful little devices differently.


Though it’s important to stay informed on digital trends and their potential negative outcomes, the incredible reach tech offers us also opens up opportunity for good. Start by taking a quick look at your own social reach. Let’s say you have 100 friends or followers. And let’s say each one of them has another 100. If you share something that encourages and uplifts, that is also shared, you can see the potential multiplication factor. If what you share goes “viral”, you can reach the world.


Does this sound too simplistic?


It’s not. Just scan the number of views or shares on popular posts or pictorial messages (memes). They reach thousands…or more. I speak from experience. Pure Flix operates in 140 nations through our theatricals, DVD’s and streaming media. It is imperative we have a strong social media message to communicate with millions around the world.


As an individual or an organization, you can join us by becoming a media missionary, sowing salt and light media messages throughout your social networks. And now it’s even easier…


And free.


Our team is creating memes every day and posting them for your use at absolutely no cost. They don’t have our brand identity or any promotional messaging. Instead they point to the Light of the World, reflecting the goodness of God.


Interested? Here’s the link to access these memes.


If you are a leader, and would like to join us as a media messenger, visit our Facebook page.


Franklin Santagate is the Executive Vice President of Marketing for Pure Flix and works with denominations, ministries, and organizations by finding common vision, assets, resources and influence. From that position, we create initiatives we can do together that we cannot do apart, reaching our mutual objectives and expanding the Kingdom of God. To discover more or to become a Pure Flix Global Strategic Alliance partner go to http://pureflixalliance.com/join/.


To contact Franklin for speaking opportunities at churches and special events, email him directly at franklin.santagate@pureflix.com