Technology Makes a Big World Smaller

Last night I answered the phone to speak with my grandson. It’s a Sunday night treat, and we talked about all those things that interest a four-year old. What’s special about this connection is that I not only heard his voice, I saw his face. And he saw mine.


This is the power of technology.


For all its pitfalls, there are also upsides like this one. It doesn’t matter that we live in separate states and have a thousand miles between us. Because of technology, I watch him grow and he recognizes me when he sees me in person. I’m not some stranger, bearing gifts on special occasions. I’m family and he knows it. Here’s why:


Technology makes our world smaller.


Technology, especially videotelephony and telecommunications technology, narrows the gap that distance creates. Not long ago, postcards, letters or expensive long-distance calls were the only options to reach out to those far away. Now we have Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, free online calling, text messaging, etc., to keep us connected in real-time. This capability can be used to strengthen connections, bringing loved ones closer to home. Sometimes it is so clear, it’s like they are in the same room.


Do you have a son or daughter that just left for college? It’s a big transition, and seeing your face and hearing your voice will make it a little less stressful. Is your spouse on assignment away from home? Schedule times to connect. Do you have elderly relatives? As intuitive as these devices are today, they can be learned quite easily, and you can visit “in person” even if you live in another part of the country.


Technology brings a family closer.


When used with intentionality, today’s technology can bring a family closer. The above examples demonstrate the fact that tech has this potential. And though this outcome requires commitment and scheduling (just like any other important appointment), the rewards are great.


In a new clip from our September film release, Little Women: A Modern Retelling, we watch a family use the positive side of tech to connect with one another and strengthen their family bond. As you watch, ask yourself this question: Is there someone in your life that would be blessed to hear your voice and see your face?


If the answer is “yes”, then make it a priority to use today’s tech to reach out and bring them close again.


To watch the clip from Little Women, click here




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