What’s Your One Word?

  For many of us, we didn’t just say good-bye to 2017; we reflected on the events of the year as it ended. We revisited the high points and evaluated the low points. We looked at how we could have done things differently, learning from the things we did wrong and the things we did … Continued

Fatherhood: Celebrating and Remembering

This last weekend, families gathered to celebrate the fathers in their midst and to remember those who had passed. These times are bittersweet yet valuable, causing us to contemplate the meaning of fatherhood and the importance of leaving a legacy. Of course, not all memories are pleasant. In our increasingly fatherless society, revisiting childhood means … Continued

Summertime and Screen Time

It’s that time of year when most kids are out of school and looking forward to summer days without the typical routine of the morning rush, school classes and nightly homework. While kids anticipate this much-needed break, it presents certain challenges for parents. We know that kids of all ages want to be busy and … Continued

Plan to Stand with God

Religious freedom is certainly the hot topic of the day, from classrooms to newsrooms to the political stage. Once recognized as an untouchable, unchangeable “first freedom”, guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States, the First Amendment is under a barrage of attacks to redefine its original intent and neutralize its impact on society. That’s … Continued

Broken and Beautiful: The Story Behind Bella

Watch the Trailer In the midst of the culture war, we sometimes forget that there are real people with real problems behind the stories that drive the debate. However, movies like Bella remind us of this fact, and remind the faith community of the power of love. The Controversy For over forty years since the … Continued

Woodlawn: A Movie with a Message

If you have been a movie viewer for any length of time, you have figured out by now that each movie conveys a message. Typically, this message is intentionally and intricately woven throughout the dialogue, leaving the audience with a clear understanding of the writer’s intent. Often, audiences who prefer movies positive messages are left … Continued

The Connected Church

With the rise of digital media and mobile devices, we have become an on-demand, online society with almost everything available at our fingertips. Obviously, this has affected every area of life, from how we receive our news and entertainment to how we network and connect with family, friends and coworkers. But how about the local … Continued

Faith in Action

Recently I had the opportunity to hear a successful, well-known businessman share about his journey of faith in Christ. In the beginning, it seemed like God placed believers in his life at every turn and around every corner. Eventually, realizing that this was not just coincidence, he began to ask questions and seek answers in … Continued

On The Move

It’s no secret that technology is changing many of our patterns of behavior. For a moment, consider how we acquired and recorded information or accomplished work tasks before mobile devices or internet access was widely available. The change is rapid, and it’s not slowing down. Recently, the US Census Bureau conducted a study for the … Continued

Spread the Word

Over the last several years, studies have reported the gradual decline of church attendance. Not only do the numbers represent those who have never attended a worship service, it also represents the 40-60 percent of members in the church who are inactive. These numbers are quite startling and illustrate the importance of outreach campaigns that … Continued