Spreading the message to the world together….

Upcoming Leaders Summit   1 Corinthians 12:14 “For the body is not one member, but many.”   As leaders working together on our mutual goal of expanding the Kingdom of God, it’s important for the body of Christ to come together to find ways to better represent Christ in our culture to reverse the trends … Continued

From a Dream to Reality: Why Vision is Vital

In the previous blog, we discovered four ways to define a dream. Now we are going to look at ways to turn that dream into reality. After all, even if you have a dream, nothing will happen until you act on it.   So let’s begin.   All significant accomplishments are birthed from a dream … Continued

The Connected Church

With the rise of digital media and mobile devices, we have become an on-demand, online society with almost everything available at our fingertips. Obviously, this has affected every area of life, from how we receive our news and entertainment to how we network and connect with family, friends and coworkers. But how about the local … Continued

Sharing the Message

  Nothing is quite as humbling as attending a social media conference with the best of the best in Christian nonprofit and ministry communications. Yet that is where I found myself this past week, and I left with the conviction that every church that wants to move forward in the digital age must have an … Continued

What’s Your Message?

  Creating consistent messaging throughout your organization is critical to the impact and effectiveness of your ongoing communication. True for business. True for church. Here are some keys that will help you craft a compelling message that communicates your mission and purpose successfully.   First, when we talk about messaging, we are talking about the … Continued

Share or Be Silent?

With recent trends in various court rulings, plus legislative proposals that attempt to limit our religious freedoms, many Christians feel apprehensive about sharing their faith in today’s anti-God climate. This concern certainly seems legitimate and highlights a believer’s dilemma: How do you stand for truth and speak the truth without it becoming a flashpoint of … Continued

A Celebration of Legacy and Liberty

  As we remember celebrating our nation’s birthday with fireworks, family gatherings, games, and (of course) barbecues, it’s a good time to also remember those who sacrificed their lives to give us the liberty we hold so dear. One way of doing that is by revisiting history, discovering or rediscovering the people who were significant … Continued

Who Is Jesus?

In our scripture reading below, we find that Jesus means different things to different people. Even in His time, He was considered to be someone other than who He really was. That misconception still holds true today. Regardless of the evidence, some consider Jesus a myth; some consider Him just a man, while others consider … Continued