Is it time for THAT talk? Here’s some tips.

Online search results are in! The first few didn’t surprise us but three of the top 10 did, as they are explicit in nature. How do we start very important conversations with our children about this? Read more to learn.   One way to analyze cultural trends is by finding out what people are searching … Continued

Hey, Mom, Dad! Can I Watch That?

On my way home from a graduation celebration over the weekend, I began thinking about all the things we want our kids to learn before they venture out on their own. In fact, one essential parenting goal is to equip our children to become capable and responsible adults when that moment arrives. But to get … Continued

Are Your Kids Safe from This?

We start training our kids to be safe at a young age. We teach them to look both ways before crossing the street. We make sure they understand the danger of talking to strangers. We give them instructions if they should become separated from us. The list goes on and on, covering big things and … Continued

Discipleship in the Digital Age

Do you remember when the term “discipleship” seemed to go out of style a few years ago? Eventually, it was replaced with words like “mentoring” and “coaching”, which had broader appeal outside of Christian circles. But it’s a word I remain fond of, probably because a form of it is used in one of my … Continued

Take Time to Read This

Time is one thing we all have in common. Whether we’re on the East Coast, West Coast, or another continent, we each have the same amount of minutes and hours in a day and the same number of days in a year. Time also has another characteristic: it’s impossible to make more of it. However, … Continued

The Tech Effect and Your Mind

  Imagine living in a world where your actions are pre-programmed from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed. Everything is coordinated for you: the choices you make about your work and leisure time, who you interact with, where you shop and dine, and what entertainment you will watch.   … Continued

Reserve Your Seat Today!

In the past few days, several friends have commented on how fast time is passing by. It seems like just yesterday, we were ringing in the New Year. Yet here we are with the first week of February well under way. For us at Pure Flix Entertainment, that means a deadline is fast approaching. And … Continued

Is It Time to Think About a Movie Outreach Event?

I had a great discussion recently regarding the effectiveness of using a night at the movies as an outreach strategy. As a follow-up, I compiled a short list stating why this is a proven and effective way to engage the community and experience ministry growth. If you have been considering this approach, here are my … Continued

Not Just Another Superhero!

If you follow audience-viewing trends at all, you probably know the popularity of live-action superhero films. In fact, 2017 was a banner year with the release of six movies of this genre. From Wonder Woman to Thor, Spiderman to Logan, they just kept hitting theaters. And instead of audience fatigue, viewers flocked to see them, … Continued