Select a Movie to Show at Your Event.

Visit https://pureflixalliance.com/church-movie-night-2/ to select from a wide range of Pure Flix Faith Films available for licensing!


(Over 70 title available!) Consider if there are any messages or ministry themes you want to focus on for outreach.

Focusing on marriage this season, select a marriage themed movie, like Marriage Retreat.

Need messaging to connect with your Youth Ministry, select movies with teen messaging like God’s Not Dead.

Purchase a Church Movie License.

Obtain the legal document to allow you to show a movie in a church or ministry location. Obtaining a license is quick and easy.  Select a movie from our website and click the “buy now” button.  Follow the instructions for setting up an account. (Things you will need to set up an account – IRS 501(c)(3) determination letter for nonprofit documentation).


Keep in mind the movie DVD/Blu-Ray must be purchased separately. Buying options available on pureflixalliancestore.com are for the legal rights to show the film for public exhibition. (Subscription to PureFlix.com is for individual home viewing only and cannot be used for public exhibition.)

Pick a Date for Your Event.

What day and time best fits your event.  Need a Saturday night activity for your community outreach and fellowship?  Or how about a movie night during your Fall Festival? Select a date and time for your movie night event to begin planning your event to share with your parish members and community.


Spread the word about your movie night!

Get the word out about your upcoming movie night by placing this in your church bulletin or video slide to share with your congregation.  Interested in receiving a digital flyer announcing your movie night with your organization logo included?  Contact us for your custom digital flyer design needs.

Church Movie Night Event Launch!

For donation ideas, activities and ministry themes click here for more info!

Interested in movie licensing for your ministry?

Purchase your movie license for your next church movie night NOW!

DVD/Blu-Ray must be purchased separately and buying options on pureflixalliancestore.com are for the legal rights to show the film for public exhibition. Multi-film license packages are also available at pureflixalliancestore.com.