He’s hot, he’s hip, he’s Amish!  Holyman Undercover is a side-splitting farce that is “Just too funny!”  according to Tom Saab, CFFA.  Veteran actors David A.R. White, John Schneider and Fred Willard create a comedic miracle in this joke-a-second romantic comedy with lots of heart.


Join a young Amish farm boy named Roy Weichbrodt (David A.R. White, Hidden Secrets, Mercy Streets), as he says farewell to the farm and hello to Hollywood.  Roy heads to Los Angeles to be a missionary, and instead finds fame and fortune playing Satan on a top-rated television show.  There Roy meets the girl of his dreams (Andrea Logan White, Fear Factor, My Date with Drew).  As Roy pursues her love, his dream quickly vanishes when scheming networks, a powerful producer (Fred Willard, Wall-E, Anchorman) and a temperamental co-star (Jennifer Lyons, Dorm Daze 1 and 2, Married With Children) turn his life into the world’s worst reality show.


Edie McClurg (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off), Clint Howard (Apollo 13, Austin Powers), Gregg Binkley (My Name is Earl) and Stacy Keanan (Step by Step) add star power to this uplifting fish-out-of-water comedy.  Holyman Undercover will cure your blahs and jumpstart your heart.




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