An inspiring story of a young woman, Jenna (Melyssa Ade) travels to a foreign country where even possessing a Bible will bring a longer jail term than selling drugs.  Brought there by the promise of a résumé building job, Jenna is suddenly captivated by a young Chinese girl, Chui Lee.


Chui, abandoned at birth after the murder of her mother, is raised in a licensed orphanage for castaway girls.  Being overlooked at every adoption opportunity causes Chui Lee to search for an answer to why she was ever born.  Each morning as the sun comes up she is hoping against all odds that this would be the day she would have parents who would love her and take her away from the orphanage.


Jenna too is seeking purpose in life.  Raised in a Christian environment yet also abandoned at birth, and with no roots or family ties, life seems confusing to her.  Where will she find contentment and a “home” to fill her lonely heart to give it peace?


Whether it is a twist of fate or a direction of faith, it is a race against time and evil.  Caught between the risk of being locked away forever in a Chinese prison or rescuing a lonely little Chinese girl, Jenna must decide which is the greater good.




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