THE MARK 2: Redemption


Moments after parachuting from Flight 777, former Marine Chad Turner (Craig Scheffer) and his newfound companion Dao (Sonia Couling) find themselves descending into the world in Tribulation.  As destruction plagues the streets they find themselves clinging to each other as they struggle to survive amidst the chaos.  The hope of mankind rests with Chad and Dao as they wrestle with unseen powers much greater than themselves.


A team of mercenaries led by Joseph Pike (Gary Daniels) have orders to extract the biometric microchip living in Chad Turner’s body and deliver it to Phillip Turk (Ivan Kamaras) who plans to usher in a new world order.  Turk promises to bring peace for all mankind, but is this promise deceiving?


NOT RATED (Parental Warning: Mild Language)


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